Having a garage sale, yard sale, rummage sale, moving sale, or estate sale?

Here is some advice to help you.

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Is it worth it?

It's amazing how much is involved in having a successful and worthwhile garage sale. Don't be fooled into thinking it is simple cash. It can still be good cash, but be prepared to do some work for it.

First of all, determine if it's worth having your yard sale. If you're doing it for fun, that's all the reason you need. If you're doing it to clean up house or because you're moving or to raise some cash, consider the work involved realistically and decide if the potential work is worth it.

This web site will give you some idea of the work involved. Decide which pieces you are interested in doing. They will all help you with your garage sale, but are not all necessary.

Do you have enough to sell? Chances are that you are not going to sell everything. Do you think you have enough items such that selling a portion of them will be worth your time?

If it is worth it, use the following steps to increase your success.

  1. Strategic - considerations regarding having a garage sale
  2. Planning - what you need to plan in order to have a garage sale
  3. Advertising - options for spreading the word
  4. Signs - getting people to your sale
  5. Preparation - the tasks needed to get ready
  6. Sale Day - what to do on the day (or days)
  7. After Sale - when your sale is done